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Welcome to the VIVA Common Core Idea Exchange.

I am Cindy Richards, your moderator. Thank you for joining our project to bring grassroots voice to the front of the discussion on the most effective implementation of Common Core State Standards.

How the VIVA Idea Exchange™ Works:

STEP 1: Educators like you across the country share your ideas about how to take Common Core to the next level — improving implementation in schools, supporting teachers, preparing parents for the changes, helping students to succeed.

STEP 2: Active and engaged conversation leaders are invited to join a Writing Collaborative to synthesize the ideas into a recommendations report.

STEP 3: Members of the Writing Collaborative meet together with national policy leaders, state education chiefs and school district superintendents to discuss recommendations and identify opportunities to impact national policy on this issue.

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Our Question:

As your school and district implements Common Core State Standards, what are most promising changes in practices you’ve seen in your school, district or state? What more needs to be done with students and parents and at the school, district and state level to ensure that the new standards lead to better student outcomes?


Writing Collaborative is Going Strong

Charlene M. A group of us who participated in Phase I are working on pulling together a report using many of the ideas and suggestions... More »

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Writing Collaborative Update!

Tara S. Hello all! I would like to extend an invitation to everyone in here to write a blog or create a vlog for VIVA as the Writi... More »

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Any ELL Teachers out there?

Jamie O. To all the ELL teachers on this site, what would your answers be to the questions asked in this article?

http://hechin... More »

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Who is partaking in Step 2?

Petra S. Which members from Step 1 are partaking in Step 2? It would be nice to know who represents the voice of the ones posting i... More »

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Looking for your thoughts on this article

Jamie O. Hi Everyone, did you see this article in the most recent publication from the American Institutes for Research? What do yo... More »

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